google_auth_oauthlib package

oauthlib integration for Google Auth

This library provides oauthlib integration with google-auth.

get_user_credentials(scopes, client_id, client_secret)[source]

Gets credentials associated with your Google user account.

This function authenticates using your user credentials by going through the OAuth 2.0 flow. You’ll open a browser window to authenticate to your Google account. The permissions it requests correspond to the scopes you’ve provided.

To obtain the client_id and client_secret, create an OAuth client ID with application type Other from the Credentials page on the Google Developer’s Console. Learn more with the Authenticating as an end user guide.


The OAuth 2.0 credentials for the user.

Return type:



Get credentials for your user account and use them to run a query with BigQuery:

import google_auth_oauthlib

# TODO: Create a client ID for your project.
client_id = ""
client_secret = "abc_ThIsIsAsEcReT"

# TODO: Choose the needed scopes for your applications.
scopes = [""]

credentials = google_auth_oauthlib.get_user_credentials(
    scopes, client_id, client_secret

# 1. Open the link.
# 2. Authorize the application to have access to your account.
# 3. Copy and paste the authorization code to the prompt.

# Use the credentials to construct a client for Google APIs.
from import bigquery

bigquery_client = bigquery.Client(
    credentials=credentials, project="your-project-id"
print(list(bigquery_client.query("SELECT 1").result()))